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LIRA v9.0, Structural engineering simulation/analysis software - Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc
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По умолчанию LIRA v9.0, Structural engineering simulation/analysis software

LIRA v9.0

Structural engineering simulation/analysis software

Some images:
LIRA is a structural engineering analysis software with comprehensive facilities for all types of civil and structural analysis for use on a full range of structures.

LIRA has the longest and most extensive experience among analysis developers in CAD-integrated and CAD-interfaced design analysis. The first version of LIRA software was introduced almost 40 years ago. Since then the company had invested heavily and continuously in its software so as to maintain its leadership position in the technology. LIRA 9.0 is the new version of LIRA family products.

LIRA engineering simulation software enables users:
  • to analyse design model on different static, thermal and dynamic loads (wind load with pulsation, earthquake loads, etc.);
  • to determine design combinations of loads and forces;
  • to assign structural elements;
  • to select and check sections of steel and reinforced concrete structures, to form draft drawings of columns and beams;
  • to analyse overall stability of the model;
  • to check the strength of element sections according to different criteria of rupture;
  • to take account of physical nonlinearity of the material and geometrical nonlinearity of the model;
  • to simulate assembling and disassembling of the structure.

LIRA software consists of several systems:
  • System LIR-VISOR
  • System LIR-SB (Section of Bar)
  • FE library
  • System STABILITY
  • System LITERA
  • System FRAGMENT
  • System LIR-ARM (Reinforced Concrete Structures)
  • System LIR-STC (Steel Constructions)
  • System LIR-SRS (Steel Rolled Shapes)

System LIR-VISOR is a unified graphical environment with extensive facilities and functions that enables you:
  • to create adequate finite element and super-element models of analysed structures;
  • to visualize these models in detail and edit them;
  • to define mechanical properties for materials, restraints, different loads (including dynamic loads),
  • to define interaction between loadings to determine the most dangerous load combinations.
After the analysis it is possible to represent the stress-strain state of the object. There are powerful facilities that allow you to evaluate results against displacement and stress plots, forces and deflections diagrams, mosaic plots of rupture, principal and equivalent stresses and many other parameters. LIR-VISOR provides comprehensive results for the whole model and for its separate elements. You can also visualize analysis results with advanced OpenGL graphics.
LIR-VISOR is a bilingual system (English / Russian). The language of user interface can be changed at any time during the work with the system. LIR-VISOR enables you to choose any system of measurement units during design model creation as well as during visualization of analysis results.

System LIR-SB (Section of Bar) enables you:
  • to form the section of unusual shape, determine its axial, bending properties, and properties under torsion and shear;
  • to determine sectorial parameters of the section, coordinates of the centres of bending and torsion, resistance moments and the shape of the section core.
If there are forces in specified section, it is possible to display the distribution of current, principal and equivalent stresses corresponding to different criteria of rupture.

SOLVER implements advanced methods of solving the sets of equations. It helps analyse the projects with unlimited number of elements in the shortest possible time. It also enables you to perform analysis quickly and accurately.
The solver contains extensive Library of finite elements (FE Library) that enables you to create adequate design models of analysed structures. It is possible to define linear and nonlinear laws of material deformation, take account of geometrical nonlinearity and find the shape of initially unstable models, take account of structural nonlinearity. There are laws of deformation for different grades of reinforced concrete. During analysis of nonlinear problems the system automatically selects the step of loading with account of load history. The solver also includes features that allow you to simulate the structure behaviour during assembling with frequent changes of design model.

System STABILITY enables you to analyse the overall stability of the structure and determine stability factor and buckling modes.

System LITERA enables you to calculate principal and equivalent stresses according to different criteria of rupture.

System FRAGMENT enables you to determine the action from the one fragment of the structure on another as the load. For example, it is possible to determine loads from aboveground part of the structure on the foundation.

Design system LIR-ARM (Reinforced Concrete Structures) enables you to select the areas of reinforcement for columns, beams, plates and shells for the first and the second limit states according to the current building codes. It is possible to define arbitrary parameters of concrete and reinforcement that is very important during analyses of reconstruction. You can combine several elements of the same kind in structural element. This helps arrange reinforcement patterns along the whole structural element. In local mode the system can select reinforcement and check the specified reinforcement pattern for one element. After analysis, the drawings of beams and columns are made and dxf-file of drawings is created.

Design system LIR-STC (Steel Constructions) works in two modes where it is possible: (1) to select section of elements for steel structures such as trusses, columns and beams, and (2) to check the specified sections according to current building codes. Several elements of the same kind can be united into one structural element. In local mode the system allows you to check several sections of the element.

System LIR-SRS (Steel Rolled Shapes) enables you to edit the steel tables of rolled and welded shapes. LIR-SRS is coupled to the system LIR-STC.

System DOCUMENTER is intended for creation of reports after analysis. The data can be displayed in tabular and graphic from. Tabular and graphic parts of necessary data can be placed together on special sheets and accompanied with comments or titles. Moreover, tabular part can be exported into Microsoft Excel, while graphical part can be exported into Microsoft Word. The tables can be also presented in HTML-format.

Language: English, French and Russian

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По умолчанию Re: LIRA v9.0, Structural engineering simulation/analysis software

stardok, вот подробно и на русскомhttp://www.lira.com.ua/rus/products/index.php?lira
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