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Модифицированные драйвера - zer0point ForceWare 0.8182

Version: Based on ForceWare 81.82
Publisher: Andrew Rady - Jaime A.
Date added: 2005-10-05
File Size: 26 MB
OS Support: Windows 2000/XP (standard 32 bit)
License: FreeWare
Software type: Videocards - NVIDIA Forceware (Modified)

Publisher Description

Windows 2000/XP - Modified ForceWare driver
These drivers are not endorsed by nVidia, or any 3rd party OEM manufacturers. They are not covered by any warranty or guarantee, and you install them at your own risk. Currently these drivers are for all GeForce based desktop cards. (If it’s not on a laptop, and says either GeForce or Quadro in the name, it’s supported).

The DHzer0point philosophy is Quality First, Last and Always. Image quality, Driver quality and Performance quality. You're games should run as fast and look as good as possible, with as few problems as you've ever seen.

Whats New -
New Nvidia Control Panel Shortcut, seems Nvidia has given us a new Control Panel to use, based on .Net and similiar to the ATI CCC, we've decided you should be able to play with it too
After installing the drivers choose no to reboot now to install the new Control Panel Shortcut then reboot manually
Changed Mipmaps to Trilinear for increased IQ
Negative LOD Bias allowed so games can set LOD lower if they wish
Shadow bug fixed
PCI Latency Tool removed as it was redundant with this release
Fixed uninstall issues, when uninstalling the drivers there were pieces of the driver being left behind this has been resolved, we do recommend you use drivercleaner pro when uninstalling any driver.

Known Issues
Some users have reported problems with ground textures in Dungeons and Dragons
Some users with 7800GTX's have reported severe lag, we have been unable to track this down but are working on it, if you have this problem please post in the nvidia drivers forum your video card, motherboard, version of windows home/pro, Ram and if your video card is PCI/e or AGP, we will have a dedicated thread for this, also let us know if the patch fixes or makes it worse.

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