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По умолчанию Demicron WF-SlideShow

Demicron WF-SlideShow v1.2.3 | 700 KB

WF-SlideShow, the most sophisticated tool for Web based slide shows, makes it easy to create stunning presentations from your favorite pictures. Use WF-SlideShow to present company products or events, or create photo albums for your family and friends quickly and easily!

WF-SlideShow, which is an add-on to WireFusion, is a very easy software to use. Choose between 16 different transition effects, which can be applied for each individual image in your slide show. Add actions to your slides and trigger events when transitions are started or ended. The possibilities are unlimited when combined with the WireFusion tool!

A new and very powerful feature is the possibility to replace a static slide with any another WireFusion presentation. This means that your slides can be truly interactive or animated. For example, you can have a Web3D presentation or a streaming movie as a slide! And best of all, no browser plug-in is needed for your visitors in order to view your slide show, only a Java enabled browser!
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