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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - Switcher Vista
Тема: Switcher Vista
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По умолчанию Switcher Vista

Switcher Vista ver. | 1.03 Mb RAR
Very Hard to fully explain, It small download it and check this out! Nice, And in advanced options you can set screen overlay opacity as well. Basically a replacement for 3D-Flip.


* Windows Vista
* Aero enabled

Keyboard shortcuts

* Windows+~ (the key above Tab): Activates Switcher. The key to activate Switcher is customizable.
* Page up/page down/secondary mouse buttons: Changes window views, which define how application windows are arranged on the screen.
* Tab/shift+tab/arrow keys/mouse wheel/Windows+~/Windows+shift+~: Cycle between application windows.
* Esc/enter: Selects the current application window and ends the session.


1. Q: Will multimon ever be supported? A: I'm constrained due to the lack of a multimon setup, but this is something I intend to fix in a future version.
2. Q: It's slow and jerky when lots of windows are open. Will this be fixed? A: Unfortunately I think it's a performance issue elsewhere, such as in DWM or video drivers/hardware. This problem is especially apparent if all your windows are maximized; restoring them to smaller rectangles improves performance.
3. Q: I see overlapping windows in tile view. Is this expected? A: Windows in tile view should never overlap. There's a fix in for a known case, but if you ever see this, you can do the following to help:
1. Double-click on the Switcher icon in the tray, then click the Advanced button in the Switcher window.
2. Set DebugCopyRectanglesToClipboard to True. Note that this will overwrite the contents of your clipboard.
3. Click the Hide button in the Switcher window.
4. Activate Switcher again (i.e. Windows+~). This will copy window information to the clipboard.
5. Send me the window information. Be sure to reset DebugCopyRectanglesToClipboard to False.
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