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Тема: RouterConfigurator
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По умолчанию RouterConfigurator

RouterConfigurator 2.32

RouterConfigurator is the program that might be useful for all specialists whose job is connected with configuring the Cisco routers.
The urgent problem for almost every system administrator is editing and tuning the configuration files, specified for the router. RouterConfigurator gives the user the unique opportunity to edit config files using the absolutely new way.

Using RouterConfigurator, the administrator has a truly useful and smart tool that provides the following features:

* Editing the configuration file and viewing the current running config can take place at the same time. The tuning of a system becomes easier.
* Configuring the router using RouterConfigurator is far more easy, fast and safe than using ordinary telnet method.
* The built-in help system provides the full list of the router's commands.
* The original design of the product has nothing in common with the command prompt of a terminal. The convenient interface is worked out in order to make such standard, but hard and dull job as editing configuration files easier and quicker.

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