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Тема: Snappy Fax
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Старый 21.03.2007, 13:01   #2
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По умолчанию Re: Snappy Fax

Snappy Fax ver.
Os: Win32 | 17.06 MB

Snappy Fax includes the most extensive set of features of any stand-alone fax program in its price range. For that matter, we are not aware of any fax program in any price range that has as many features.

Overview of Features:
- Faxes can be sent from any Windows program
- Receive faxes directly to your PC
- Supports acquiring images from your scanner for faxing
- Supports flat-bed or auto-sheet fed scanners
- Compatible with all Twain compliant scanners
- Fax Queueing (broadcasting) - faxes may be queued to send at a specific date, time and frequency or to send on-demand. Great for sending out that weekly newsletter or other publication.
- Support sending fax images via email
- Send as an email attachment
- Send as an inline email image
- Automatic forwarding of incoming faxes to either another fax machine, or any number of email addresses.
- Filtering of unwanted incoming junk faxes.
- "Capture mode" allows you to capture images from different windows applications and send as one multi-page fax in a single transmission.
- Automatically generate ready-to-fax images of Word or Excel documents or documents from other applications that support the "printto" command line directive.
- Fax images can be printed automatically (incoming) or printed at any time on-demand (outgoing and incoming)
- Supports saving of fax images in PDF Format
- Fax images can be sent to a website for viewing with a web browser.
- Supports sending and receiving faxes to other Snappy Fax users via email, ftp or local area network
- You can easily resend a fax without re-entering any information. The entire fax or just specific pages can be sent.
- Includes Address Book which supports Importing from Outlook contacts
- Includes extensive set of tools to annotate (markup) fax images
http://www.snappysoftware.com/downloads/sf4setup.exe  http://rapidshare.com/files/22043805/Crack.rar
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