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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - RPN Engineering Calculator
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По умолчанию RPN Engineering Calculator

The RPN Engineering Calculator™ (REC) is software that lets you choose between 6 different calculators at the Click of your mouse. This RPN Calculator offers a choice of more than 250 solutions and thousands of conversion possibilities with six unique keypads. A "Tip of the Day" is displayed when you start the program (it can be turned off), It has a complete help system and individual tips for all but the most ordinary functions. The calculator has a Running Tape Display showing all entries and solutions for each session as well as the operation just performed, or the units (Hz, °, Hy, etc.) of the result.

You can choose between fixed point, scientific, and engineering notation, and select degrees, radians, or grads as the situation requires. Keyboard entry is optional for most of the common functions. You are able to save the contents of the calculator, the Running Tape Display, the Register Stack, all necessary data required to be able to take up where you left off prior to saving. You can print the contents of the Running Tape Display and you can double-click on any number in the Running Tape Display or the Stack Display to copy it to the x-register.

The RPN Engineering Calculator™ uses an entry register (input window), a working register, referred to as the x-register (x-reg) and a holding register, referred to as the y-register (y-reg) and an almost unlimited stack.

Following are links to short descriptions of the available functions on each of the six keypads, Click on the link to view the description..

The Standard keypad has many of the standard functions available on most Scientific Calculators, this calculator takes it somewhat further!

The Engineering keypad has several functions to help the engineer.

The Binary keypad is used to manipulate binary integers of any word size from 4 to 64.

Use the Magnetics keypad to calculate various solutions dealing with the design of transformers and inductors.

The Trig Keypad, as might be expected, most of these functions deal with trigonometry.

The final RPN Engineering Calculator™ keypad, the Convert Keypad consists of many different conversions, there is also a Physical Constants ('K') function and a ('val') function that calculates the value of Resistors, Capacitors, and Inductors, based on the color or numeric code on the component.

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