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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - The Pixel Farm PFTrack
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По умолчанию The Pixel Farm PFTrack

The Pixel Farm PFTrack v4.0.R1
Win App | 24.1 Mb | RS.COM

The unique geometry tracking system in PFTrack 4.0 allows 3D geometry to be imported into PFTrack and then matched to sequences, making this an ideal tool for head and facial replacement meaning artists can now be confident that animated CG, when rendered and composited, will exactly match the live action. Complex Geometry can be imported and used to solve cameras in addition to the use of automatic or user placed features. This is perfect for problematic shots or for tracking set extention models into footge. Using motion groups it is a simple task to extract both camera and object motion. Any or all motions can be exported along with animated geometry if required. Version 4.0 has new Geometry Tracking vertex weighting this allows you to paint the influence each vertex point has on the final tracking. A simple paint tool allows you to quickly paint onto the imported 3D geometry.

Camera Motion Key frames can be automatically or manually placed to break a shot down into distinct motion groups and each motion can then be assigned one of 6 camera motions. The new solver can then produce a single export that combines these motions. This means you no longer have to break a shot into segments and solve each one and conbine then back together in a 3D system.

PFTrack 4.0 includes a new Focal Length Estimation tool to greatly aid solving. This provides the user with a graphic means to calculate focal length, often improving results.

PFTrack 4.0 is supported on the following Platforms with these recommended requirements*:
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP
Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

1GHz Intel Pentium
PowerPC G5, Dual Core Intel Recommended

Hard Disk Space
Installation requires 100mb
Suitable space to store footage to be tracked


Graphics Card
Must support OpenGL
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