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Старый 13.03.2007, 11:11   #306
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По умолчанию Re: ATi. Драйвера видеокарт.

NGO ATI Optimized Driver v1.7.2

Version: 1.7.2
Publisher: ngohq.com
Date added: 2007-03-12
File Size: 15 MB
OS Support: Windows 2000/XP 32-bit
License: Free
Software type: Videocards - ATI Catalyst (Modified)

Software Description

Windows 2000/XP
The NGO ATI Optimized Driver is a modified version of the ATI Catalyst driver. The main purpose is to satisfy the users with better performance, image quality and compatibility. The NGO ATI Optimized Driver can enhance your experience in games, multimedia and general usage. This project is especially suited for enthusiasts and gamers that want to have the best gaming experience.

This driver includes ATI Control Panel and ATI Tray Tools by Ray Adams (Optional). We’ve preferred to include Control Panel over Catalyst Control Center due to the lower memory usage and flexibility. You can use ATI Tray Tools to take full control and to adjust advanced features while the Control Panel will give you basic control options. With ATI Tray Tools you can create game profiles and assign specific settings for each application.

* Based on ATI Catalyst 7.2
* Updated ATI Tray Tools to v1.3.6.1007 with Crossfire support
* Added support for Radeon X1950XT
* Added support for Radeon X1950GT
* Added support for Radeon X1550
* Added support for Radeon X1200
* Added support for Radeon Xpress (RS600/RS690/RS482M)
* Added experimental support for Radeon Mobility (9500-X1800)
* Added experimental support for Radeon IGP
* Improved Driver Installation Method
* Improved Installer/Uninstaller
* Fixed several Installation/Uninstallation related bugs
* Fixed Incorrect Clocks bug
* Fixed Wide-screen resolutions bug (Don’t forget to use monitor drivers)
* Smaller Installation file (15MB)
* Removed SmartGart AGP Page

Please uninstall your previous driver before proceeding with this installation. Please use the ATI Catalyst Uninstall Utility in order to Uninstall your current driver. We also recommend the use of DriverCleaner.

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