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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - PhotoLightning
Тема: PhotoLightning
Показать сообщение отдельно
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По умолчанию PhotoLightning

Photolightning v.4.8 | 5,4 M

Step 1 Plug your camera into your computer to preview your photos or work with photos that you've already saved.

Quickly download photos from your digital camera...

Photo software should be easy to use, and that's how we designed Photolightning. Just plug your camera or memory card into your computer. Photolightning automatically detects it and copies the photos to your hard drive. If your camera uses floppy disks or CD's, Photolightning can copy and save those photos to your computer too.

Choose from a variety of preset folder-naming schemes that make it easy to find your photographs, or create your own each name time.

Photolightning is smart enough to never download any photos twice.
...Or work with photos you have already

Lightning-quick photo browser / thumbnail viewer locates any photo in seconds.

Unique Photo History view lets you see all of the photos on your disk in chronological order - as if they were all in one folder.

(See more detail on Photolightning's unique Photo History.)

Determine which photos to discard and which ones to keep in minutes:

Large preview area that automatically expands to fit to your computer's screen size.
Mark photos you wish to print, email, or share while previewing them.
Keyboard shortcuts make the preview process even fast

Step 2 Optionally rename your photos, give them captions,
or touch them up.

Photoligtning has optional functions to adjust/enhance those photos that need a bit of help (photo editing):

Fix Redeye (see more on red eye reduction)
Crop photos both freehand and fixed aspect ratio: 3.5 x 5, 4 x 6,
5 x 7, 8 x 10
Fix backlit photos
Brighten dark photos with unique Add Flash feature.
Darken light photos with unique Reduce Flash feature.
Use auto-levels and auto-contrast identical to Adobe Photoshop®*
Boost colors to enhance sky/water and greens/nature
Sharpen photo: (faces and objects)
Fix out of focus pictures
Convert to black and white, sepia
Apply Paint Effects including Impressionist, Expressionist, and Colorist Wash
For advanced users, Photolightning includes a number of advanced editing features such as brightness/contrast, hue, saturation, and unsharp mask.
Perform above adjustments & enhancements while preserving the sort order of your photo set


Photolightning is the fastest way to add captions to your photos and change filenames

Add multiple captions and change multiple filenames without ever taking your hands off of the keyboard.
Autorepeat caption features allows you to add similar captions with the touch of a single key

Step 3 Print, email, and share your photos

Now that you have selected the photos you want to work with, printing, emailing, and sharing is only a step away (digital photo printing).

Make perfect prints on your home/office printer

Photolightning's intelligent print placement automatically rotates and sizes your photos to create perfect wallet, 3.5x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10 prints every time on on 8.5" x 11", A4, specialty sized, or micro-perforated paper with no hassles. See more about photo printing.
Photolightning contains templates for almost every popular specialty sized or micro-perforated paper available today including Avery, Canon, Epson, Great White, Hewlett Packard, Jet Direct, Kodak, Olympus, Sony, and Staples

Print complete album pages including captions with just one click.
Use Photolightning's print preview to ensure you get perfect output every time.


Use professional photofinishers to make prints locally or online
If you take your camera or memory card to your local photofinisher (drugstore, etc.) to make prints, Photolightning can save you time by copying only those images you have selected (with quantities) back to your camera/memory card. When you get to the store, simply put your memory card into the machine and say "print all!"

Upload photos to your favorite online photo processor including Club Photo, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Wal-Mart, ez prints, and Kodak EasyShare. Use Bellamax photo enhancement service to make your photos look as if a professional took them. Stay tuned as other choices will be added shortly


Email your photos with just two clicks.
Photolightning makes it easy for your friends and family to see your photos when you email them.

Reduces almost any photo, regardless of original size, to approximately 50KB for fast emailing
Automatically places your photo into the body of the email so that recipients can immediately see it without struggling with attachments. (Requires Outlook or Outlook Express to send.)
See more.
Add included graphical backgrounds for birthdays, holidays and more. Click here to see samples.
Works with all popular email clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL for both sending and receiving photos
Also includes options for attaching files and sending Zip archives of your photos


Create beautiful HTML slideshows in seconds.
Photolightning makes it easy to create great looking photo slide shows in seconds

Photolightning creates 3-view slideshows including full screen, filmstrip view and a thumbnail view.
Turn views on and off or re-order them.
Change backgrounds, colors, transitions, timing, and add sound.
See an actual slideshow created with Photolightning


Batch Processing
Easily resize, rename, add captions/watermarks, change format, and change timestamp with just two clicks using Photolightning's Batch Processing functions
EBAY SELLERS — sell more and save time by optimizing the size and quality of your photos before posting on eBay auctions
Reduce photos as you insert them into Word or PowerPoint to create smaller documents for faster emailing and sharing. Click here to learn more
Photolightning has partnered with E-Book Systems to allow you to quickly create interactive 3D page flipping albums. Simply select the photos you want to put into the FlipAlbum™ software (purchased separately), press a button, and your FlipAlbum is created.


CD/DVD burning
Have confidence to know that your precious photo memories have been safely preserved.
Incremental backup makes it easy to never again wonder which photos have been backed up and which ones have not.
Burns straight from Photolightning digital camera software on Win 98/ME/2K/XP**. No additional software required.
Creates a thumbnail index page on your CD/DVD so you can quickly find your photos.
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