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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - Софт для Mac OS X
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По умолчанию Re: Софт для Mac OS X

VMware Fusion Beta 2 3D Support (DirectX 8.1) for OS X

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What's new in Beta 2

Experimental 3D graphics: The rumors are true! You can now play select DirectX 8.1 games in a Windows XP virtual machine. See the release notes for details.

Rollback: Take a snapshot of your virtual machine configured just the way you like it, so you can quickly roll back to that ideal state whenever you need to, with a single click.

Run Microsoft Vista on your Mac: Want to run Vista on your Mac? Run Vista Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate 32-bit or 64-bit editions side-by-side with Mac OS X.

Improved networking support: Full support for AirPort networking with seamless switching between wired and AirPort/Wi-Fi connections.

Improved ability to add virtual hardware: Add virtual hard drives for more storage capacity, add up to ten virtual network interfaces to support private and public networks, and keep an eye on your laptop's battery level from inside your virtual machines.

Beta 2 also includes scores of improvements that make it faster, more reliable, and easier to use. See the release notes for more details.
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