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Size: 7.68 MB

What's new in Version 2.4:
· System crashes related to previous BETA have been fixed.
· New!! Submit suspicious files for analysis by Comodo - instantly!! Whenever Comodo Firewall detects unknown application components it immediately provides a link for the user to send these for analysis
· New!! Added Protocol Analysis Option - key to the detection of fake packets used in denial of service attacks.
· New!! Packet Checksum Verification - ensures data packets haven't been tampered with before they reach your machine by recalculating and comparing the checksum of every data packet it receives.
· New!! Enhanced self protection against malware tampering - Firewall registry entries and files cannot be deleted or modified either accidentally or deliberately - stopping malware and hackers from being able to sabotage your installation.
· Application Component Authentication - validates all the components of an application before allowing it internet access.
· Application Behavior Analysis - analyzes each application behavior and detects any suspicious activity before allowing internet access.
· Defense against Trojan Protocols - advanced protocol driver level protection
· Smart Alerts - Every alert includes a Security Consideration section with advice to users.
· Windows Security Center Integration - Windows XP SP2 recognizes Comodo Firewall
· Self Protection against Critical Process Termination - cannot be shut down by Trojans, Spyware or viruses.
· PC Security during PC Start Up - includes the option to secure the host while the operating system is booting.
· Automatic Updater - includes an interactive automatic updater component so that users can check for updates any time.
· Error Reporting Interface - includes an XP style bug reporting interface.
· Firewall Logging - reveals all the activities with detailed descriptions of the events.
· Security Rules Interface - combines with an easy to use GUI.
· Application Activity Control - watches each application in detail by showing addresses, ports and amount of traffic.
· Graphical User Interface - enables or disables any part of the firewall with one click
· Application Recognition Database - recognizes over 10000 applications and determines their security risks.

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