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Тема: NTI Shadow
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Arrow NTI Shadow v3.5.16.0 Retail

NTI Shadow v3.5.16.0 Retail

Key Features:
Automatic, continuous back up
Schedule back up jobs by minute, hour, day, week, and start time(s).
Shadow will execute back ups for you automatically.
Runs in the backgroud
Shadow runs back up jobs in the background to eliminate interruptions while you work
Advanced File Filtering
Shadow enables you to quickly select specific file types for back up. If you want to back up all your photos to a pen drive, Shadow will automate the process for you.
Shadow also supports custom file types to eliminate the risk of loosing your important data.
Native File Format Back Up
Shadow copies your selected files and saves them in their native format without any proprietary software. When you want to restore a file it is as easy as drag and drop making restoring a snap
Dynamic USB Device Detection™!
Shadow detects each external USB device you select to back up files to and only performs back up jobs to the specific device you have chosen

1. File-Level Selection
2. Support Network file backup and sharing of backup devices
3. Auto Delete Option
4. Enhanced GUI and usability
5. Custom file type filtering Include/Exclude Options
6. Enhanced Device Support: USB flash drives, NAS devices, etc...
7. Dragon Disc enabled version supports all optical media types included DVD-Ram & Blu-ray (Windows only)

NTI Shadow is an award-winning easy-to-use backup application that automatically protects your photo, music, video, and various data files. It makes data restoration as easy as dragging and dropping files from one place to another. For real-time, continuous data backup, set Shadow to save your files/folders every time they change. You can also specify your backup schedule by the minute, hour, day, week and start time(s) and also choose a specific or even a customized file type with Shadow 's new advanced file filtering.

Not only does Shadow allow users to automatically copy files from their PCs to various devices in real time, but it also preserves the files in their native format - meaning no additional software is necessary to restore files. Shadow works transparently in the background without disturbing you while you work, and does not take up important system resources.

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