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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - Okoker Disk Cleaner
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По умолчанию Okoker Disk Cleaner

Okoker Disk Cleaner 1.1 + KeyGen

Программа для очистки HDD от ненужной информации. Удаляет временные, устаревшие файлы, излишнюю информацию и т.д.

Okoker Disk Cleaner is an application that delete junk files and temporary files, and free up your hard disk space. It has tools to scan your drive(s) and find all these superfluous files for you. If you haven't performed a cleaning on your computer for a while, there will probably be a lot of files that can be removed without affecting your work in any way . The operating system and applications create files when they are used, and many of these files are so-called temporary files . These files are frequently not deleted and can therefore take up valuable disk space and slow down the performance of your computer.

- Disk Cleaner has some useful tools to help you remove the junk from your PC .
- You can save a backup file of your setting so that everything is easy .
- Whether read-only file or system file and so on , Disk Cleaner all can process according to your setting .
- Advanced option has useful option to scan the empty folder , the zero-bit file , and the file of not accessing .

Download (~1,6Mb): _http://www.okoker.com/diskcleaner/diskcleaner.php/okokerdiskcleaner.exe

Crack: _http://files.unn.ru/8238174225
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