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Тема: TweakRAM
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По умолчанию TweakRAM

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TweakRAM is a handy memory optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster and efficiently. It increases your system performance by making more memory available for your applications and the operating system.

TweakRAM defragments your computer's memory, increasing the efficiency of your CPU and Motherboard caches, recovers memory leaks from poorly behaved applications, flushes unused libraries temporarily out to disk and so on. By all this optimization tricks your favorite applications and games will run faster and efficiently even on old computers.

Using this RAM optimizer utility your computer will achieve superior performance. There is no need to buy additional expensive memory for your computer. TweakRAM will defragment system memory for faster access time. TweakRAM doesn't modify your system in any way and your system will be even more stable with TweakRAM installed.

No matter how much physical memory you have, TweakRAM will help keep your computer running faster and efficiently.

The latest version: 5.6 Build 06.20
But I just have v5.5 Build 04.04.

TweakRAM v5.5 Build 04.04 & keygen:
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I'm first come here.
Say sorry for not understanding russian.
So use English...
Could any friends tell me how to see the hide part in other threads?
Replay or other methods?

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