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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - Serif AlbumPlus
Тема: Serif AlbumPlus
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По умолчанию Serif AlbumPlus

Serif AlbumPlus 4 | ISO | 70.6 MB

The powerful and easy-to-use photo manager, specifically designed to make it easier and more fun for digital camera users everywhere to manage their photos.

Now that digital photography is established as the cornerstone of home photography you may think that all your image storage and retrieval problems are resolved. But wait … have you swapped that old torn cardboard box of photos in the cupboard for a jumble of electronic photos on your hard drive? Are your photos disorganized and worst of all, no more accessible than before?

There is a solution. AlbumPlus will manage your photos in electronic photo albums and enable you to retrieve photos of those special moments in your life in a single click—maybe that dream holiday or that first visit to your grandchild.

Any event can be brought to life in AlbumPlus!

AlbumPlus is designed to streamline digital photo management, with its powerful catching technology and supporting photo management tools. It possesses a stylish user interface with intuitive layout which can operate in several modes, i.e.

Photo Addition
Getting your collection into AlbumPlus is straightforward using the bulk import facility to add existing files from your hard disk or CD/DVD. Alternatively import them directly from your camera, scanner, flash card etc. using AlbumPlus's comprehensive device support. AlbumPlus supports all major file types including video and includes support for over 150 Digital Camera RAW formats including Adobe DNG.

Organize your Photos
The cornerstone of any digital photo management solution is the ability to categorize and organize photos to your very own unique requirements. AlbumPlus's comprehensive tag system allows you to create as many categories and sub-categories as you wish without limit. Assigning tags is as easy as a single click of the mouse as is the rating of your best photos. Finding particular images is no problem using AlbumPlus's simple but powerful way of searching for single or multiple tags, a comprehensive set of Smart Tags allow for flexible searches on such items as text within comments, file type/size, or even a particular import session!

Calendar Views
If creating and managing tags is not for you then AlbumPlus provides a comprehensive calendar-based system to record when photos were taken. Simply select the year, month or day when the photos were taken and AlbumPlus will present them to you. AlbumPlus can even double up as an electronic diary so you can record notes regarding important dates and events.

Efficient Architecture
Designed from the ground up to be an efficient and responsive tool AlbumPlus makes use of advanced multi-threaded architecture and sophisticated caching technologies to ensure that viewing and keeping your photos well organized is never a chore. For example importing of photos is completed in the background while you can continue categorizing, viewing and even editing other photos! Ideal when importing large numbers of photos.

Viewing your Photos
Viewing your photo collection is a breeze with the flexible thumbnail displaying facilities. Dynamically alter the size of thumbnails and easily switch to view essential information displayed alongside each photo such as Comments, EXIF information, assigned tags and even histograms! Double click any photo to quickly see a full screen version and double click again to go back to the thumbnail display. No matter what edits you make AlbumPlus automatically updates the thumbnails in real time. Comprehensive in-place editing makes updating comments convenient—you can even edit multiple comments at the same time!

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