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Тема: FlashyEffects
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Старый 05.08.2006, 11:51   #1
Аватар для Blackoff
Регистрация: 17.01.2006
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По умолчанию FlashyEffects

FlashyEffects v1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 8/1/06
  • Added slide show text overlays, slide/sound timing options, externally loaded images and sounds.
  • Added slide show component as the primary method for creating a slide show in Wizards gui mode > New Slide Show.
  • Added Frames > Default Tweens menu item to Basic mode menu.
  • Saved pivot point of rotation transform for each rotated shape.
  • Added ability to morph about rotation pivot point if it is present.
  • Saved grid options.
  • Improved import of svg files by handling transform, opacity, and arc tags and by fixing several other problems.
  • Improved import of eps and emf files by importing bitmap data.
  • Doubled the size of the swf output buffer.
  • Fixed Cursor Write On motion script to reduce cpu load.
  • Fixed crashing problem for nested motion scripts.
  • Fixed some omissions in movie dependencies screen.
  • Added clipping of exported shapes to insure they are not too large for the Flash player.
  • Added fix for Internet Explorer "click to active control" message.
  • Added What's New inquiry in Help > Update Software.
  • Fixed several text preloader issues: alphabetized fonts and made styles appropriate for font.
  • Added extra decimal in displaying Sx, Sy, Rb, Rc on status bar.
  • Fixed problem with replacing frame sound with same sound.
  • Fixed preloader hang problem with using a .fun file preloader that has only 1 key frame.
  • Fixed crashing problem when copy/paste group with Movie Overview open.
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