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По умолчанию Microsoft Product ALL

Microsoft® Money 2005 Premium is easy-to-use personal finance software, helping consumers manage their complete financial picture – from tracking accounts and paying bills, to optimizing investments and tax-savings opportunities.

Save Time Organizing and Managing Your Finances. Download checking, credit card and other transactions from your bank automatically for up-to-date information.
Consolidated View of Financial Information. View and access information from multiple financial institutions in one place so you always know your overall financial health.
Achieve Financial Goals. Whether your goal is to get out of debt, save for retirement, or for a major purchase. Money provides easy-to-use tools to help you achieve your financial goals.
Maximize tax-savings opportunities. Money can help you optimize your investments to help maximize tax-savings.


Microsoft® Money 2004 builds on what is available in Money Deluxe, but offers even more benefit to the personal finance customer! Money Premium comes with everything in Money Deluxe, plus….
NEW: Our most complete package of investment tools. Money 2005 Premium is all new and designed for investors! Get in-depth stock and investment information at your fingertips, including quick access to stock quotes, news, and powerful online tools to help your investments grow.
NEW: Sophisticated portfolio tracking. Integrated GainsKeeper provides comprehensive investment tracking and account integration.
NEW: Automated investment analysis. Robust decision-making and analysis tools help you minimize year-end taxes. “Double-down” strategy tools, asset allocation, and much more to help optimize tax-savings opportunities.
PLUS! Money Premium includes over $365 in Complimentary Financial Services, FREE!
Pay Bills online with two years of Bill Pay from MSN® Bill Pay
File taxes online through H&R Block
Receive credit report and ongoing monitoring from Experian
Personal financial consultation with an American Express financial planner
Capital Gains Tax Optimizer from GainsKeeper

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