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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - PopChar X 4.3
Тема: PopChar X 4.3
Показать сообщение отдельно
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По умолчанию PopChar X 4.3

Most of your fonts contain thousands of characters, many more than you can access from the keyboard.

If you want to get the most out of your fonts, then PopChar is the right tool for you.

PopChar makes "typing" of unusual characters easy without having to remember keyboard combinations.

Click the "P" in the menu bar to display a table of characters. Select the desired character and it instantly appears in your document.

PopChar works with modern applications that support Unicode as well as with older applications that support only the smaller ASCII character set.

In Unicode mode, PopChar makes it easy to navigate and search within fonts that contain thousands of special characters.

Web designers especially will enjoy the ability to insert HTML symbols.

Tested on OSX 10.5.8 (serial included)


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