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Тема: NVIDIA GeForce Go
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Старый 26.10.2008, 02:57   #342
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По умолчанию Re: NVIDIA GeForce Go

Dox's Customised Forceware 180.43

All mobile cards are supported from go 6- 9m, however I recommend geforce go 7 and lower users to stick with my 178.24.

Changes over official version

-Based on Forceware BETA 180.43
-Removed Desktop support
-Added extra resolutions and adjusted existing ones
-Improved responsiveness of nvidia control panel
-Added support for all Mobile gpus 6- 9m and quadro equivalent
-Added Direct X and OpenGL tweaks to ensure performance
-Adjusted Image quality settings for sharper textures with minimal shimmering and performance loss
-Removed Nview and associated files (more optimised than last drivers I released)
-Driver comes with two infs - one is for troubleshooting purposes and recommended for sli users
-Includes fixes for laggy aero and random gpu downclocking (Vista only)
-Disabled Nvidia display driver service and start up items to reduce background resources and boot time

Further optimisations to driver:

* Removed help files
* Removed nvcolor.exe (XP only)
* Removed nvkeystone.exe (XP only)
* Removed language files
* English language release only.

Windows XP x86

Windows XP x64

Windows Vista x86

Windows Vista x64
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