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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - Clean Space
Тема: Clean Space
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По умолчанию Clean Space

Clean Space 10.0.792

Утилита для освобождения места на компьютере. Программа может очищать кэш браузеров (IE, Opera, Netscape), удалять кэшированные документы из системы, удалять кэш приложений MS Office, очищать кэш и временные файлы, созданные такими программами, как: ICQ, ACDSee, GetRight, WinZip, Google Toolbar, WinRAR, Download Express, Real One Player, Hotbar, Morpheus, Yahoo Drive, Kazaa Media Desktop, AOL Messenger.

Browser Activity Cleaner
Clean Space clears all aspects of your browser activity, including Internet history, index.dat files, temporary internet files, cookies, address bar, downloads history and more. Clean Space supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape browsers.
Secure Wipe
Anyone can easily restore files you deleted using simple file recovery tools accessible everywhere on the web. For safety reasons use Secure Wipe function in order to nobody could restore your deleted files and use them against you. This function fills up all free disk space with random characters. Anyone who’ll try to restore the files you deleted will see a lot of stuff, just bla, bla, bla. Beware! Files deleted even several years ago are still easy recoverable.
Clean Space has hundreds of options for computer clearing. For your convenience we have added Profiles feature, so you don’t have to change options manually. That allows you to create and save your preferences of cleaning process. Now whether you want to fully clear your computer or only browser, you’ll just have to choose required Profile and options will be applied automatically.
Custom Items
This function allows you to include new files and folders into every cleaning process. Once you have browsed a file, Clean Space will delete it every cleaning process. The function is very convenient since your computer will be fully cleaned by just one click.
Automatic Cleaning
You can set Clean Space to clean your computer at specified time intervals or events: at Windows start up/shut down or Browser exit.
Computer Cleaning and Shut down
Now you can turn off your computer using Clean Space. The program clears your Internet traces, wipes free disk space and turns off the computer. We strongly recommend you to use this option. Thus you won’t forget to clear your Internet tracks when you finish your work on the computer.
Cookie Saver
Clean Space allows you to delete cookies you don’t need and keep the ones you require for Internet settings and log-ins to your favorite sites.
URL Saver
Not all sites are threaten you privacy and addresses of some of them you don’t have to delete and can keep with URL Saver. Saved addresses will autocomplete in the address bar and you won’t have to type them again and again.
Online Update
Clean Space is automatically updated every week. We strongly recommend you to use this option and here’s the reason why: the programs, Clean Space supports, are often updated and a lot of treacherous functions collecting your activity history appear.

Download Full ~ 1.4 Mb
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