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По умолчанию Ответ: Snappy Invoice System

Для тех кто продает на экспорт или делает бизнесс зарубежем рекомендую, просмотрел сотни подобных демоверсий но внимание привлекли эти две: Адаптированны для рботы со сканерами, генерируют баркоды

Simply Invoice software package comes complete with inventory/stock control system, contact management, quoting, invoicing, hire facility, sales and purchasing, mailshot facility, bookkeeping (book keeping) system, optional online postcode address lookup facility and much more. If you want to, you can even use Simply Invoice with EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) hardware including barcode scanners/readers, receipt printers, pole displays and cash drawers.

Буду рад если кто поделится лекарством

И ЕЩЕ мультивалютный :

jStock POS is designed for Retail Outlets

jStock is a Point of Sale system specifically designed for Retail Outlets. It
is designed to run on an ordinary Windows PC with a receipt printer. It is a
complete solution for your shop with an easy to use interface. The system was
carefully designed for high speed input and prevention of common user mistakes.
It can be installed on multiple computers and has a built-in security access
accounts. You can keep detailed information about your stock items, you can
barcode each item. The system can generate barcodes automatically and can also
be used to accept 3rd party barcodes. jStock comes equipped with a built-in
accounting module. You can maintain your accounts within jStock. You have general
ledger accounts, you can close financial years, etc. You can work with any currency
or tax rates.Backend reports enable management to have an overall picture of
how the retail outlet is doing, how each salesman is performing, which itemwas
most requested, etc. The software is easily installed and there is no limitation
on the number of licenses. If you need any specific requirements which are unique
to your business, they can be included in future versions of the software.
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