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Старый 13.05.2008, 16:38   #15
Аватар для Ogarev
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По умолчанию Ответ: Torrent-клиенты

FileCroc 2.0.0

FileCroc is a peer to peer file sharing software, connected to a decentralized network with more than 50 million users. FileCroc allows you to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software and documents... FileCroc can share and download any type of file!

FileCroc world's first radio enabled p2p software. FileCroc may be used also to join chatrooms and meet new friends. FileCroc allows you to host your own chatroom and have your friends join it. Any user who joins a chatroom have an option to pubblish her shared library so that other users can see it and download from it.

FileCroc features a multimedia player that supports movie and music files. You can also easily organize your playlist, and preview files while their download is in progress. FilCroc supports mouse drag and drop operations, you can easily add files in it by dragging them over the main window.

100% Spyware Free!

Download _http://www.filecroc.com/filecroc200.exe
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