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По умолчанию Ответ: FairUse Wizard(кодирование видео)

FairUse Wizard 2.8 Full Edition
- corrected several corrupted IFO file parsing bugs
- fixed a potential hang during logo loading
- corrected the hang that occuring at startup if UltraISO was installed on the system
- no more repeated audio encoding during iPod video processing
- fixed a bug that hung the application at startup under certain circumstances
- audio transcoding now works properly for movies longer than 3 hours
- fixed random iPod encoding final muxing issue

- added custom file naming
You can now use %session%[=startValue], %part%[=startValue], %chapter%[=startValue] macros in the project name to customize multiple file names (i.e. "My TV Show - Season 1 Episode %session%=8" for a disc that starts with episode 8, or "My Movie CD%part%" for a multipart encoding)
- multi-episode auto-selection (useful for TV shows, do NOT enable full auto mode for manual episode selection)
- added predefined encoding profiles for iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Zune, Xbox 360, PS3, standalone DivX players, TiVO HD, and several H.264-based High Quality profiles, mainly for computer playback

- enhanced multi-core/SMP performance with XviD
- greatly enhanced multi-core/SMP performance with x264
- better progress feedback during multiple chain indexation
- enhanced video deinterlacer visual quality
- better Virtual Machine interpreter
- "fairuse.log" log file is now located in the project folder

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