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Тема: GetRight
Показать сообщение отдельно
Старый 20.12.2005, 17:12   #6
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По умолчанию Re: GetRight

GetRight Pro 6.0 beta 5
Fixed a couple things that could have been causing all the crashes with segmented and automatic mode.
Added a prompt to hide any toolbar buttons you haven't used. (Will take about 3 weeks for the prompt to appear as it sees which ones have been touched.)
Changed so the default toolbar has far fewer buttons turned on. (For a brand new install.)
Fix a Torrent bug if some timeouts were triggered, it didn't try again right.
Fixed so if the target file for the torrent exists (either with or without the .GetRight suffix) and is the right size, it will us it and compare the checksums to find any previously finished pieces.
Improved Torrent messages and timer if no peers.
Fixed a bug loading skins (makes sure to use the DLL from the GetRight folder so no DLL version problems)
PRO: Working to add Web Access. Allows you to view and control GetRight on your computer from anywhere.
Added a torrent config item so you can set the maximum number of uploads and downloads per file.
Added a torrent config so can either be the default .torrent handler, or just do any .torrent files it downloads.
Fix to allow clearing of existing MD5 values.
Speed limit and Acceleration had some odd conflicts in the past, I've improved some things, so trying again to enable them to work together.
Added File Compare to the download status history mode, so can compare the size/date for a file you downloaded to the current file on the server.
Fixed a bug that could cause finished/deleted items to reappear if a second copy of GetRight was run.
Little improvement for grabbing the right form for the Log Into Web Site if the page has several forms.
PRO: Fix bug in GetRight Proxy so form POST data now passes correctly.
Fix some crashes when first adding some torrents; a timing thing where it was trying to do some status before it was really setup, and torrents using announce-list would crash too.
Fix crash in automatic mode if disk where GetRight was saving a file is removed.
Fix so some click monitoring messages "you need to log out of Windows..." are just skipped when GetRight starts if no Internet Explorer windows are open--since in that case you shouldn't need to log out.
Added so file verifying can use SHA1 in addition to MD5.
Added so the main tray icon can be animated (option on the Interface--Icons config page.) Off by default.
Found an odd lock/timing problem that I think caused at least some of the problems renaming files to remove the .GetRight. The problem also added an extra unneeded delay for some automatic mode things, so should be a bit faster if doing many small files.
Fixed the Torrent things so that turning Off on the config works right and restored the previous values.

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