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Компьютерный форум NoWa.cc - Показать сообщение отдельно - Trendy Flash Site Builder
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Старый 12.10.2007, 17:02   #1
Аватар для doctor ru
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По умолчанию Trendy Flash Site Builder

Trendy Flash Site Builder AIO

Trendy Flash Site для создания профессиональных intro на Flash. Имеет около 100 встроенных бэкграундов, более 40 уже подготовленных анимаций, удобен в работе.

This is a complete software application that you can download on to your computer to build stunning flash sites. This application has advanced image and music addition features and supports up to 100 pages per site. A special feature is the ability to publish sites as CD presentations with a single click.

Features include:

# Background Themes covering different categories like business, technology, fashion etc.
# Animated designs
# Stock images covering different categories like business, technology, fashion etc.
# Background music clips with themes like, rock, pop, techno etc.
# Different flash site designs possible.
# Customizable title, slogan and welcome message.
# Add your own images to the site.
# Add your own music to the site. ( You can add your favorite mp3 as background music)
# Each site can have up to 100 pages.
# You can add a different image for every page.
# You can add your own logo.
# Images can be scaled, repositioned and transparency can be applied.
# Text color, size and settings like bold, italic etc can be edited.
# External links can be added to each page.
# Display size of the site can be specified eg: full screen, or movie size with top, center or bottom alignment.
# Automatic Meta tag generation for search engine optimization.
# Site can be published for either web or cd presentation.
# All sites are presentation ready. All you need to do is burn the files on to a cd and your presentation is ready.
# Edit sites whenever you want.
# Сreate unlimited number of stunning flash sites.
# Unlimited customization. Extremely user friendly. Powerful editing features.
# No knowledge of flash needed. No knowledge of programming necessary.
# Fast, inexpensive and easy solution.
# Powerful Site Builder technology with amazing features.

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