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Старый 15.08.2007, 08:37   #189
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kX Project Audio Driver (File Size: 6,020 KB)

here's 3538m:

- Added support for analog-ins on A2ZS Notebook
- Fixed issue with 24/96 router (pls verify!)
- Fixed skin memory leak issue (Note: always use Zip instead of Rar)
- Fixed EFX effects boot time issue (related to the above)
- SDK: Added passthru on/off functions
- Fixed issue with double-click, added one more option
this is a final release candidate
unless we find anything critical in this release, I will announce this as 'latest stable' on our site (which hasn't been updated since 2004!)
after that, I will start working on x64 support and will work on improving Vista compatibility (ASIO)
everyone is encouraged to review this new build and let me know if it is stable enough.
pls re-check all the issues present in 3538a..3538l and let me know if some of them are still not fixed
known issues (which I cannot fix at the moment or will be fixing in 3539):
* digital noise/beep instead of audio playback (PCI bus-related) - since 2001...
* Line3 (AUX) is too noisy on A2PlatinumEx (undocumented initalization)
* sysex is corrupt if it is too long
* ASIO support in Vista
* x64 support

this driver version does NOT support (as 3538 and previous ones...):
* EAX 2.0
* 24/96 ASIO
* WaveHQ device (24/96) playback/recording on p17v (a2value, a2zsnotebook) - it was errornously enabled in 3538, but since p16v and p17v are different chips, no support is currently available (it didn't work in 3538 anyway)
* E-mu 1820-like hardware
* passthru on 10k1-based devices

note: audigy2 value mapping is incorrect. please let me know the new mapping and I will fix this before releasing the driver to the public

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