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Unhappy Amiglobe 2006 Помогите найти сериал

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Amiglobe 2006 это интерактивная карта мира.

Amiglobe 2006 is a world atlas and database.

Amiglobe 2006 offers unlimited views of the world. Use one of the four map projections (flat, Lambert, Mercator, and Spherical) to view
the world map. Click on a country and you can see information regarding the geography, history, population data, government, economy, transportation, and military of that particular country.The data and maps can be saved to disk and exported to word processors or graphic utilities. Also, you can browse cities and mountains and get pictures of them from the Internet.

You can also view the country's flag and hear a sound file of its national anthem. You can also see the sun's current position around the globe.

Games are provided to test your knowledge of each country's shape, flag, and capital.

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