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Тема: DVD ReBuilder
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DVD Rebuilder Professional 1.26.2

- Added additional routines to the REDISTRIBUTION code that
corrects possible undersizing. Now, when a segment has
been redistributed too many sectors(making it larger than
the original) the size is adjusted and recovered sectors
are reallocated to other segments.
- Turned off HC VBV and scene detection (except for a 100%
setting) during REDISTRIBUTION. This appears to have been
slowing down the speed of HC redist on some systems.
Also set HC to fast mode during the REDISTRIBUTION pass
as it gives the same results.
- Updated the REDISTRIBUTION menu options. You can now turn
"Redist_All" on or off from the mode menu (formerly hidden).
- Added code to perform REDISTRIBUTION for ProCoder and CCE
Basic. HC (if installed) will be used for determining the
bitrate redistribution pass.
- Corrected an bug in which CCE SP2 could encode with the
incorrect field order on BFF sources.
- Other minor and cosmetic changes.

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