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Тема: DVD ReBuilder
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DVD Rebuilder Professional 1.26.1

June 24th, 2007 (v1.26.1)
- Added a hidden setting in which you can instruct DVD-RB to
redistribute bits across the entire DVD (including any parts
considered to be extras and/or the feature). This can be
useful for applying redistribution to episodic or series
discs. You can enable the setting by adding "redist_all=1"
to the "[Options]" area of REBUILDER.INI.
- Updated the redistribution module so it follows the proper
rules associated with PEAK_BITRATE
- Added direct Luminance Gain adjustment to the HC Settings menu.
- Added new code to the OPV prediction routines that should
improve further improve Q selection and sizing.
- Corrected a bug in which performing redistribution on ILVU
sections could result in an error message.
- Other minor and cosmetic changes.

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